Seven Spring Unveils New Range of Nourishing Concoctions

Platform: ANI

Teas are a consequential part of our culture and it holds a significant meaning in our society. Happiness is spelled with Tea. Many of us have not had an opportunity to experience exotic tea blends from around the world. [...]

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5 Power Dressing Looks For Tough Nut Womenpreneurs

Platform: Femina

Feel at your powerful best in high heels or a double-breasted blazer? Well, that’s power dressing for you! A fashion style that originated in the late ’70s and developed in the ’80s, power dressing was all about enabling women to establish their authority in environments traditionally dominated by men. [...]

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Seven Spring introduces an array of rare and unique tea range

Platform: Hospitality Biz India

In India, tea is far from just a beverage, from street-side cutting chai to gourmet, infused brews, tea reaches people across the country. Few years ago, not many would associate their daily cup of tea with descriptions like hand-blended, artisanal, or including exotic flavour notes. [...]

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How Seven Spring is Planning to Expand its Omnichannel Reach

Platform: Indian Retailer

Nature has the ability to heal, aid with power, and refresh the mind, body, and soul. And Seven Spring teas aim to provide this experience to its consumers with the help of products that are of unsurpassed quality and value, beneficial both to the health and well-being of human beings.  [...]

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Artisanal Teas: Brewing up health in a tea cup

Platform: Times of India

Till a few years ago, it was quite inconceivable that vibrant Aparajita flowers or the blazing red Gudhal buds could be used as a substitute for tea leaves.  [...]

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Drink your flower in form of tea

Platform: Sprout wellness

The word ‘tea’ in India has majorly resonated with brewing tea leaves with some milk and spices. Normal Teas like Green, black, oolong and white teas are true teas. These teas differ in their appearance because of the different ways they are processed in, which gives them their distinctive characteristics. [...]

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Exotic tea as wedding return favour

Platform: Wedding vows

Indian Weddings, I believe starts with a box of sweets and ends with a box of sweets too. Just imagine if you were given a box of teas instead of a box of sweets with a wedding invite. Doesn't sound too appealing in the first go, but the tea industry has undergone a tremendous evolution. [...]

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A taste of Freshness: Seven Spring Tea launches in multiple flavours

Platform: Restaurant India

Taking the country’s tea-growing legacy forward with innovative, handcrafted blends, exotic ingredients, and turning Tea into cordon bleu symbols of luxurious indulgence Sejal Purohit present Seven Spring, a young brand looking to change the way tea is perceived with an array of rare and unique tea range serving in the lap of luxe. [...]

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