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Earl Grey

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Feel the goodness of Black tea & Bergamot Oil

Forget crown jewels and castles, Imperial Earl Grey will have you feeling like royalty in just one sip! Titillate your senses with the perfect symphony of citrusy flavour of bergamot oil combined with black tea.

This chestnut-coloured tea is a perfect pick-me-up in late afternoons or evenings adding a zing to an otherwise mundane day. Revel in the aromatic fusion of Bergamot oil & black tea in our classic tea favoured by the royals

Blend: This creation is made from Bergamot oil & black tea

Origin: Brought to your aid from India

Best Savoured: This citrusy tea can be enjoyed hot as well as cold

When: Great option to have in evenings or late afternoons

Direct Benefit: Beneficial in reducing stress and boosts mood

Do not Refuse to Reuse

A reversed classic in its purest form!

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Wellness Reserved for Royal-tea

We believe that taking a break from regular beverage choices is necessary to enjoy the bounteous gifts bestowed by Mother Nature. Expect a twist of flavour in traditional black tea with Imperial Grey Tea that promises rich Citrus Flavour of Bergamot.

Including Earl Grey tea in your regular diet will result in improved digestion. It fights oral problems, boosts mood, and develops a sense of well-being. It is very rich in anti-oxidants and is an excellent remedy for the common cold. Earl Grey tea reduces stress and fatigue level. The zing of bergamot will keep your mood uplifted any time of the day and improve productivity.

A Revered Classic in Its Purest Form!

Imperial Earl Grey is a combination of Bergamot oil infused in black tea which is a citrus fruit. It is a cross breed of lemon and orange tree resulting in a shape that resembles more like a pear and is a light shade of green to yellow (depending on the ripeness).

Let’s know more about Bergamot and its history in European culture.

The rind of Bergamot is used as an essential oil in the perfume industry as well. Bergamot is mostly grown in the Province of south Italy- Reggio DI Calabria and is usually harvested in the month of November.

Bergamot is taken from the Turkish word: beg-armudi, which means it’s a Pear of the Lord. It is quite a respectable attribute for citrus fruit and it has been used immensely in scenting the tea as well as its use in the cosmetic industry due to the presence of essential oils.

Used in Swedish Tobacco (Snus- Smokeless tobacco flavoured with the citrus of bergamot) as a fragrant additive, Europe is no stranger to the many benefits of bergamot. It was used by elite class people in Europe to suppress body odour.

Bergamot was extracted manually in the 17th century by the sponge method (Squeezing) but in 1840, Nicola Barilla and Luigi Auteri invented the Calabrian machine which had much more yield than the conventional method of extracting the oil. It is quite an expensive affair to extract the oil as 200 Kg of bergamot is required to make a litre of essential oil.

Some more marvels made possible by this elixir:

  •  • Boosts energy levels
  •  • Rich in anti-oxidants
  •  • Improves digestion
  •  • Boosts mood
  •  • Reduces stress & fatigue
  •  • Fights oral problems

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100ml requires 2g of tea
– Ideal temperature for steeping is 90-95o
– Let it steep for 4 minutes
– Can be re-steeped 1-2 times

Revel in the aromatic fusion in our classic tea favoured by the royals!

Note: Side effects of Imperial Grey tea are very limited but over-consumption can cause dehydration, anxiety, loss of appetite, and heartburn.

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Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm

5 reviews for Earl Grey

  1. Prashant Panjwani

    Timeless aromatic experience in a classic English blend. If you want to try something new then this tea will give you the best flavor. I ordered this earl grey tea last month, I’m completely satisfied! Refreshingly very tasty and leaves a good aftertaste. A must-try! Enjoyable cuppa no matter the time of day or night. The packaging is very convenient also. I love the comfort it envelops you in. It’s value for money and makes for a great brew each time!

  2. Shruti Kaushik

    This has to be arguably the best black tea I’ve had. The aroma is very dominant yet pleasant at the same time. The best part is this tea fares really well with or without milk. Amazing taste! The bergamot flavour in it is the main reason I love it. It feels so refreshing. I am a die-hard earl grey fan and this is the best brand that does justice to my madness. Would totally buy it again! Great Deal was awesome. Prompt and safe delivery.

  3. Mahin Bukhari

    Earl Grey tea is one of my all-time favorite go-to teas. It’s perfect when I don’t want something bitter but also want a pick me up in the morning. It’s an all-rounder with health benefits too! When I opened the box, won’t lie, it smelled like home to me. The taste was neither too sweet nor too bitter, it was smooth and enjoyable to sip on. It had a rich thick mouthfeel. I am just addicted to it! To tell you about the health benefits it boosts energy levels, improves digestion, reduces stress, and helps maintain oral health.


    This has to be an all-time favourite! I have tried and tested all kinds of teas
    but this one owns my heart! It is in all senses a true classic! If you haven’t
    tried this tea before, you totally will love this and won’t regret the purchase.
    It’s quite refreshing. Love its light colour & immense flavour! The outer
    package is also very appealing and attractive! Totally recommend it to

  5. Dharmi Joshi

    I am in love with this product especially the flavour and this brand. It is
    totally worth the purchase and I have relished it to the T. This product has
    proved to be value for money and keeps me fresh. I suggest every Green
    Tea Lover buy and enjoy this particular flavour. The Earl Grey flavour is
    exquisite. Full marks Team Seven Spring!

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