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Marigold Clove Green Tea

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Feel the bloom of good health!

Inspired by the therapeutic benefits of Calendula tea, we bring together some of the finest herbs and spices to create a signature blend with a floral twist. Enjoy the strong flavour of spices as they awaken your senses while the earthy taste of Marigold teases your taste buds.

Sit back and enjoy a cup of our floral blend to drown your senses in the familiar aroma of nostalgia wafting through the air reminiscent of summer days from your childhood.

Blend: This creation is made from Marigold, Ginger, Clove, Muesli & Nilgiri Green Tea

Origin: Brought to your aid from India

Best Savoured: This tea can be best enjoyed when hot

When: Start your day with the refreshing taste of ginger and clove

Direct Benefit: Beneficial in relieving menstrual pain and delays signs of aging

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Sunshine in a Cup

Marigold tea is aptly called Sunshine in a Cup because of its glorious benefits to the skin and body. This flower is one of the earliest cultivated flowers and has cultural and medicinal significance not only in India but in Egypt, Rome, and Britain as well.

Dubbed ‘Pot Marigold’, the calendula variety of marigold was considered to be an important healing medicine by Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Arabs. At Seven Spring, we bring together marigold with a multitude of other spices to create a healthy blend necessary for all-round wellness.

The Golden Elixir of Wellness

Marigold in itself is quite beneficial but with the right blend of spices and ingredients, its benefits go through immense transilience. Let us know more about the healing benefits of this delectable combination.

Marigold: Marigold has long been recognized as a medicinal flower to address cuts, sores, and general skin care, because it contains essential oils and a high concentration of flavonoids (secondary plant substances), such as carotene. The extract has antibacterial, anti-viral, antifungal, and immuno-stimulating properties. Moreover, it is also an effective remedy for sore throats, gingivitis, tonsillitis, and mouth ulcers. Gargling with Marigold tea will help soothe the mucus membranes of the throat whilst easing the pain. Moreover, consumption of Marigold infused tea will help in detoxification process. It is also known to alleviate menstrual cramps and pain.

Ginger: This dynamo root is used to provide relief from nausea and helps fight free radicals. Ginger is consumed widely because of its fighting capacity against sore throat and runny nose. It provides relief against nasal congestion and cough.

Clove: Cloves have antioxidants that help in fighting free radical damage to the body and boost our immune system. Cloves also have antiseptic, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties that keep common infections, cold, and cough at bay.

Nilgiri Green Tea: Our premium quality loose leaf green tea is nutrient rich and can help the body in many ways. Green tea can lower the cholesterol levels in the body and significantly decrease the risk of cancer by fighting the free radicals in your body. For Fitness enthusiasts, Green tea can be used as an ideal post-workout drink as it has caffeine and increases your mind-body connection which is very important for workout. Green Tea detoxifies the body and fights oral bacteria as well due to its anti-bacterial properties

Muesli: High in beta-glucan (derived from inner plant cells), a soluble dietary fibre that dissolves partially in water, Muesli slows down the digestion process. Therefore, it helps in easy bowel movement and constipation. It slows down the time taken for carbohydrates to be digested and absorbed in the body, reducing sudden insulin spikes when the food is broken down into simple components.

Some more marvels made possible by this elixir:

  •  Effective remedy for sore throat & mouth ulcers
  •  Reduces inflammation
  •  Relieves menstrual pain
  •  Delays signs of ageing
  •  Builds immunity
  •  Fights free radical cells

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100ml requires 2g of tea
– Ideal temperature for steeping is 90o
– Let the tea steep for 4 minutes
– Can be re-steeped 1-2 times

Soothe your senses with this delectable concoction!

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm

5 reviews for Marigold Clove Green Tea

  1. Aanya

    I am so deeply in love with the flavour that it has become a daily indulgence for me. It’s really refreshing and not bland like usual green teas. It always lifts up my mood and I can feel my metabolism picking up as well. I would love to tell my friends about it, especially the gym freaks in my group! They will be elated to know that such a product exists in the health sector. Keep up with the work and you have a customer for life! 

  2. Chhaya

    Was a bit apprehensive when I read the name but glad that I came across this marvel of a tea. When I first tasted it, that id when I knew I was gonna be hooked to it. The flavour and experience is something that cannot be described in words, it has to be felt! Would totally recommend it!

  3. Aditya Patel

    Me and my mom love to experiment when it comes to teas. So, we were pumped when we came across this tea on the Internet. This flavour and aroma are to die for! Anyone who is interested in taste and health must give this tea a try. The health benefits are so varied that my mom and I can stay fit with the same concoction. It is so diverse that it has to be my favourite of all the teas I have tried and tested. My mom absolutely loves it, loves it and sometimes takes a few sips without even telling me. I will have to restock this before the stock gets over. Will totally tell my loved ones about this. They have to try it!

  4. Darika Reddy

    Totally recommend it for its aroma, taste and flavour. It is amazing and can be savoured at any time of the day without much hassle which is a plus for me! 110/100. Try it and you’ll know it!

  5. Ela Banerjee

    I got this flavour as a gift for my birthday and gobbled it up in no time. I couldn’t have enough of this flavour. This is my fun go-to beverage when I am in need of something soothing yet energising. It has effectively reduced my ulcers and reoccurring sore throat. Also, it has helped my aid with my painful menstrual cramps. I will keep trying more flavours, but first, let me get done with this! Haha!

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