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Moroccon Mint Tea

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Savour the tea that’s ‘Mint-to-be’ for you!

Inspired by Middle Eastern and West African culture, we bring one of the oldest traditional tea from the land of desert oasis and azure beaches. Our Moroccan Mint tea is a zesty beverage that will refresh and invigorate you instantly.

This tea will calm your senses and provide a cooling relief to body right from the first sip. Enjoy this fragrant, sweet, and minty-fresh tea when you are feeling down and need to revive your spirits.

Blend: This creation is made from green tea and spearmint leaves

Origin: Brought to your aid from India

Best Savoured: Moroccan Mint can be enjoyed hot and cold

When: Enjoy the blissful comfort of mint on hot afternoons!

Direct Benefit: Beneficial in fighting gastrointestinal problems and effective against depression

Do not Refuse to Reuse

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The Moroccan Way to Wellness

Enjoy the freshness of mint with green tea in authentic Moroccan Mint Tea or Maghrebi Mint tea. Our smooth and refreshing blend is specially created to transport you to the vibrant, buzzing souks of Morocco. A Sip of Moroccan Mint Tea makes you feel alive and spreads blissful with its sweet and refreshing flavour.

A Blissful Blend with Minty Freshness

This invigorating mint tea from Morocco, enjoyed by everyone from royals to plebians, is a simple concoction steeped with green tea and lots of spearmint leaves. But the way it is prepared and served holds a lot of significance in the Moroccan culture; as a matter of fact, Moroccan Mint tea is symbolic of life itself.

While the Moroccan tradition of honouring the guests is deeply rooted in Islamic etiquette, Moroccans have elevated that standard of hospitality in their own unique and vibrant way. Moroccan Mint tea is served three times and each time it signifies something different. The first serving is said to be ‘as bitter as life’. This signifies the hard work and efforts we put in the early years of our life. The second serving is said to be ‘as strong as love’ and the last serving is said to be ‘as gentle as death’, thus completing the circle of life.

What makes this tea even more special is the cooling effect it has on the body which makes it a perfect refreshment in Indian weather. It’s fascinating to understand how this tea works in cooling our body:

Menthol Present in the Mint Binds to Protein Receptors known as TRP M8 in the Mouth. Cooling sensation is detected by Protein Receptors (TRP M8). These protein receptors detect external stimulus like menthol and become active. They create ion channel that allows the matter to pass through the cell structure which then sends cooling signals to the brain through the nerve cells or neurons.

Moroccan mint Tea enhances digestive process, helps in the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, gives relief from menstrual cramps, relieves heartburn, and provides a cooling sensation. Moroccan Mint Tea is a storehouse of anti-oxidants and can treat cold and flu and clean the respiratory tract.

It can also fight bad breath because of its anti-bacterial properties. Mint acts as blood cleanser fighting skin disorders and providing relief against allergic reactions.

Feel alive and blissful with the traditional blend of Green Tea and Spearmint in our Moroccon Mint tea

Some more marvels made possible by this elixir:

  •  Good for the heart
  •  Builds immunity
  •  Protect against liver diseases
  •  Effective against depression
  •  Alleviates arthritis
  •  Fights gastrointestinal problems

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100ml requires 2g of tea
– Steep the tea in lukewarm water
– Let the tea steep for 2 minutes
– Can be re-steeped 1-2 times

Feel calm and cool with this refreshing elixir

Note: Peppermint can cause indigestion Problems, Diarrhoea, Headache and feeling of restlessness if consumed in large amounts.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm

5 reviews for Moroccon Mint Tea

  1. Hiral Verma

    The perfect freshness to my day! All I have to do is brew this magical concoction and enjoy the refreshing taste profiles. It has helped me with my digestion and has helped build immunity in these uncertain COVID times. I would totally recommend this to anyone who needs the right pick-me-up throughout the day. Sip and energise!

  2. Jeevika

    Hot or cold, this brew is just so yum! Trust me when I say this, if you buy this you will do both your tastebuds and health a favour. It is actually that good. The note inside and the overall packaging is very adorable. This was really refreshing and helps me calm my nerves whenever I need it. I recommend this to everyone. It is a must-try and I’m sure you will love it the way I do!
    Thank you Seven Spring for curating this beauty! My family loves it and someone or the other is always sipping on it. I will be ordering it again and again. I will also try other flavours. 10/10 for everything! This tea is an experience!

  3. Kabir

    This tea is a great experience for tea lovers! The softness of the green tea combines brilliantly with the refreshing spearmint. I thoroughly enjoyed this beverage in the evenings mostly on a tiring day. Wasn’t a huge green tea lover, but will purchase this again! It’s the perfect beverage that has enhanced my meals while also giving my body the advantage of marvellous healing compounds! I would rate this tea 200/100! Haha… Off to order some more!

  4. Daksh

    This tea has spoilt all the other teas for me! It tastes tea so great that I can’t drink any other kind of green tea anymore. Keep coming up with such innovative flavours Seven Spring!

  5. Rupal Varun Khurana

    Thank you Seven Spring for curating this beauty! My family loves it and someone or the other is always sipping on it. I will be ordering it again and again. I will also try other flavours. 10/10 for everything! This tea is an experience!

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