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Yerba Mate Tea

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Feel exuberant and elevated with Yerba Mate!

Escape to the rainforest of Paraguay with a sip of the bittersweet Yerba Mate Tea that promises the strength of coffee, feel of chocolate and the health benefits of green tea. Yerba mate Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse and contains 24 beneficial nutrients.

At Seven Spring, we are proud to bring this delightful South American beverage. Savour the strong, earthy, bittersweet, and smoky flavor of authentic Yerba Mate Tea. A cup of Yerba mate Tea provides smooth and prolonged energy levels throughout the day.

Blend: This creation is made from Ilex paraguariensis plant leaves and twigs

Origin: Brought to your aid from South America

Best Savoured: Yerba Mate Tea can be enjoyed hot and cold

When: Start your day with Yerba Mate Tea or have it before work-out

Direct Benefit: Beneficial in prolonging energy level and reduces bad cholesterol.

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Get your Caffeine Boost the Healthy Way

We have the indigenous Guaraní people living in Paraguay to thank for the jitter-free caffeine boost derived from Yerba Mate Tea. It is a social practice to drink Yerba Mate Tea by people of all ages in Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Southern Brazil. Traditionally, Yerba Mate is shared from the same container, mostly a hollow gourd, which is where the word Mate comes from.

Even though Yerba Mate Tea has more caffeine than green tea or black tea, it contains chlorogenic acid, which aids digestion and saponins which make it more nutritious than tea and coffee. Saponins are known to reduce cholesterol levels, strengthen the immune system, manage blood sugar level, improve lipid metabolism, and prevent obesity.

Say Hola to a Power-House Beverage

Having a cup of Yerba Mate before workout increases stamina and performance. It is an ideal pre-workout drink because of its thermogenic properties that increase muscle-mind connection. It can also improve focus and concentration, so you are always prepared for a hectic day of important meetings.

Being a powerful adaptogen, Yerba Mate Tea can survive and thrive in extreme conditions. It has been found that these adaptive qualities are extremely beneficial for human body. It helps the body to acclimatize to internal and external stressors such physiological changes, harmful chemicals, stress, toxins, and so on.

Want to try this healthy caffeinated beverage but worried about its bitter taste? Yerba Mate Tea can taste less bitter if we pay attention to small details. For instance, if you add lukewarm water instead of boiling water, it will make Yerba Mate Tea taste less bitter.

Using mineral water with less pH will also make your tea less bitter. If you want to enjoy the authentic taste, avoid hard water with high chlorine content. Moreover, don’t steep for longer than the suggested time.

Lastly feel free to add your favorite fruits to impart a fruity flavor. You can even enjoy Yerba Mate Tea with lemon and honey. Add sugar, milk, or cream to enjoy Yerba Mate like traditional milk tea.

Good luck! This tea is definitely worth giving a shot!

Some more marvels made possible by this elixir:

  •  Prolonged energy levels
  •  Weight loss benefits
  •  Aids digestion
  •  Controls blood sugar
  •  Reduces bad cholesterol
  •  Contains anti-oxidants

Brew the Perfect Blend
– Every 100ml requires 2g of Yerba Mate (1 Teabag)
– Ideal temperature for steeping is 65-78
– Let it steep for 5 minutes
– Can be re-steeped 1-2 times

Get caffeine boost on the go!
Note: Consuming excessive Yerba Mate can increase headaches, high blood pressure, dysentery and acid reflux.

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Dimensions 8 × 9 × 10 cm

5 reviews for Yerba Mate Tea

  1. Mohan Lal Das

    Very nice tea. I will surely recommend it to all my loved ones and ask them to buy
    this marvel.

  2. Neeraj Tewari

    My wife has a weak immune system and she used to get sick all the time. She
    looks forward to drinking it daily. She has observed a lot of improvement and
    feels more energetic after each cup. I am going to order this for sure again!

  3. Kanchan Bendre

    Make way for a revolution! Get ready for Yerba Mate tea that will make you feel
    alive and will awaken the soul! It’s super tasty and gives a euphoric feeling.

  4. Priya Modak

    What a great tea! It might not be the sweetest tea in the collection, but the
    benefits are sweet. It is definitely one of the most energetic teas I’ve ever had.
    Yerba mate Tea is an antioxidant powerhouse and contains 24 beneficial
    nutrients. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a quick morning boost of
    energy. 100/100 for everything Team Seven Spring.

  5. Shriya Patil Shinde

    I am not great fan of tea, but I needed something to keep me awake during
    hectic work hours and classes. I’m not even a fan of coffee, so was in a
    dilemma. Yerba mate tea from Seven Spring came to my rescue.
    This tastes pretty good, especially with some honey added, and gives me that
    jump start for the day without the jitters that I get from coffee. Would definitely buy again!

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