Festivals always bring a new wave of hope and joy with them, don’t they? The real countdown of our favorite festival has begun. You guessed it right, we are talking about the festival of lights: DIWALI. It is one festival that fills our lives with excitement and hearts with gratitude. Doesn’t it? It is about spreading love and warmth through decorating houses, getting dressed up, gorging on delicious delicacies, and surprising loved ones with unforgettable memorable gifts.

Now that the festive season is near the corner, the gift-giving spree is about to begin! We bet you must have already selected your outfits and accessories to go with it, to look like a dazzling cracker on Diwali. But what about the gifts? Puzzled what to give?

Picking up the perfect gift for your close-knit family and your circle can be a tough task to undertake. The expectations skyrocket and they’d adore it, if the gifts are something that held meaning, are personal and handpicked with proper thought. They are the people that make your life worthwhile, don’t they? This is one time when you can express love with exquisite Diwali gifts and tell them how much their presence brightens up your life. The size of the gift here doesn’t’t matter, it is the intention behind it! The tradition of presenting each other with mithai (sweets) has become old. Also, these days people have become a lot more health-conscious and often avoid greasy sweets in the form of sweets. So, this Diwali how about being a little unconventional and gifting something healthy to your loved ones? How about a healthy Diwali?

We know that the last decade started with turmoil and we still are enveloped in certain fear. We now make every single choice related to ourselves and our family with health in the subconscious mind. What if the pandemic has dampened the spirit of Deepawali and this year too, you won’t be able to visit your loved ones? You can send across your love in the form of health! Don’t cut out on the glee and celebrations. Let us help you with the same.

This Diwali, how about giving our loved one’s well-thought and curated gifts, instead of just giving away things for the sake of just giving! Let us cut the chase and come to the point!

As Indians we love our piping Cuppa, don’t we? So, this Diwali, gifting something flavorful yet natural to your loved ones would mean, giving them the ultimate power to stop, think and unwind. What better than this to show you care? So, it’s tea time for gifts this festive season with us!

Trust us, if you know someone who cannot just start their day without their morning fuel, afternoon soother or night calmer, we are your one-stop solution!

With immense medicinal and health benefits, tea is considered one of the most revitalizing beverages there can be. It not only enhances health with its natural ingredients but also promotes well-being.

Herbs and spices are known to make every meal a hearty one but have you ever tried a beverage with all the same goodness? If not, now is the best time to give it a try and pass it forward to your loved ones in the form of gifts. In these dire times of COVID-19, there is nothing better you can gift your loved one than a healthy basket of the most carefully picked and curated teas made with the goodness of nature! If you have been cautious about health this year, shouldn’t’t that be reflected in your gift too? From enhancing immunity to managing cholesterol, from improving cognitive functions to aiding with effective digestion, to regulating insulin levels to blood pressure, the benefits of herbs like reship, hibiscus, green tea, cinnamon, lemon, and orange peels, star anise, fennel, and many more are well-known. A hearty mix of all these and many more herbs from nature can be found in our teas. We bet these concoctions will be hard to match in terms of health and wellness. The advantages of these heavenly beverages are just beyond energizing. Be it ailments like cancer, diabetes, obesity, strokes, weak bones or teeth, and enhancing immunity, our assortment can aid with fighting each of these ailments with proper exercise and doctor’s advice.

All our teas are exquisite and customizable into Diwali gifting, that will surely make your festivities memorable. You never know, our high-quality tea flavors might turn out to be their cup of tea, and boom, you are a favorite now! So, what are you waiting for? This Diwali, offer them the best! Hop on to our website and order all the goodness of nature for your family. Make this Diwali a safe, happy and healthy one!

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