Tea is more than merely a drink; it is a source of energy, an instant dose of antioxidants, and a cup of comfort with innumerable medicinal powers. But how often do we consider the genesis of each neatly packed tea bag on our pantry shelves? Millions of people throughout the world make their living from the tea industry. From planting to packing, each stage poses a number of sustainability issues. Despite our genuine affection for tea, we at Seven Spring think there is no planet B! We are continually evolving our manufacturing, processing, and packaging procedures to ensure that we are treating our mother nature with the utmost care and consideration. It brings us tremendous joy to discuss how we take little measures toward long-term sustainability.

➤ Sustainable Packaging

It frequently comes down to how a company innovates its way out of mediocrity, and we made sure to pioneer the use of 100% compostable sachets in the sector of pocket tea bags. Because of our plastic-free commitment, each of our tea bags and boxes is made of biodegradable material. The strategic use of single-chamber tea bags has helped us minimize our paper waste by 30%, and we promise to evolve every day for the sake of nature!

➤ Sustainably sourced

The origin of the herbs, flowers, spices, and tea that we provide is what matters. Beyond the use of medicinal plants, our founder's desire to restore Ayurvedic principles extends to procuring all raw materials in their purest form. Each component, whether international or domestic, is natural and hand-picked to provide fellow tea connoisseurs with the highest quality.

➤ Natural Preserved

Say no to all the chemicals that claim to make our food last longer on the shelf. We believe that true health is achieved when the food we eat is devoid of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and sugar. All of our herbs, flowers, and tea leaves are sun dried for sustainable preservation.

➤ Building a sustainable society

Be the change you wish to see in the world! As a result, we encourage our consumers to use less energy and water when making tea. All of our premium tea bags are reusable. As a result, we recommend that you do not refuse to reuse. Make effective use of old tea bags as compost.

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