It’s TEA O’clock From Dawn To Dusk

It’s TEA O’clock From Dawn To Dusk

Wow, is there anything more refreshing than a great cup of tea in the morning? But what about a piping hot cup to wake you up from slumber in the afternoon? Hang on, what about the relaxing cuppa before your sweet sleep in the evening or night?

Ugh! Confused? Well, you could stick to your go-to normal tea but as tea enthusiasts and purveyors ourselves, we’d like to ask: why choose one?

The right cup of tea at any point in time of the day can do wonders. But the question lies in figuring out which teas is the best as the day progresses.

The simple logic behind choosing different flavours as the day progresses is that our bodies are connected with nature. Each tea has the quality of being light or hard on the stomach. It’s all about its strength.

When the sun rises, our digestion process rises, as it goes higher, so does our digestion power and its ability to digest. The moment the sun begins to set so does the ability to digest. With such daily markers, we can time our teas to help with optimal body functioning.

You can branch out and relish different teas in one day. All you have to figure out is the right kind of tea with the right mood, meal and time.

This quest isn’t that simple and hence to help you make the best tea choices, we have simplified the tangle of tea time for you! 


Tring… Tring… Tring!! The morning clock goes off! Are you one of those blessed souls who just leap out of bed? For those unlucky ones, tea is their saviour, isn’t it? It helps them ease into the day. After the whole night, the body dehydrates, so a light dose of tea can not only hydrate you but also help you cleanse your stomach, dilute the blood, maintain the apt pH levels, lower blood pressure and prevent indigestion.

The following teas are stimulating and aren’t harsh on your just-woken tastebuds:

Black Currant: rich in caffeine (natural) & antioxidants, this will keep you going all day!

English breakfast: Mix of Assam black tea, Ceylon tea, and Kenyan tea it is rich in caffeine and serves as a good hydrating agent.

Tulsi Turmeric: Rich in nutrients and minerals, a warming rejuvenator to keep you fighting fit all year round.

Yerba Mate: enhances alertness like coffee and improves alertness due to high caffeine levels. 


Yawn… One more… It’s the afternoon time. When the energy levels dip slightly after a hearty meal and you feel sluggish. Studies reveal that 3 pm tea is very beneficial and can be defined as the most important dose of tea. (Source: It gives you the kick you require and prevents laziness. These teas won’t just help you focus but will also help with your brain functions.

The following teas help to prevent afternoon sleepy hours:

Moroccan Mint: Menthol aids in better digestion after lunch, helps release fatigue and stress.

Gunpowder: strong taste refreshes, promotes weight loss and improves digestion.

Mallow Rosehip Fennel: Fennel, Rosehip, Mallow Flower, Star Anise and Senna soothe the stomach after a hearty lunch.

Mango Muesli: both ingredients cool in hot afternoons.

Earl Grey: can be paired with lunch as it is light and reduces the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness.


After a long day at work, you are tired and really wish to calm down. How about a cup of tea? Afraid it might hinder your dinner and later your slumber? As you relax before dinner, a cup of the following can offer a sweet and soothing experience.

The following teas will soothe, calm and reduce the stresses from the day:

Carnival: Apple, Stevia, Rosehip, Okra Flower, Melissa Leaf and Grapeseed help relax and feel fresh

Pomegranate: This superfruit helps with the process of digestion

Merry Mix: Melisa, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Chamomile, Pomegranate flower and Rose calm the senses.

Pan Fired:  pure green tea, a great way to perk yourself up when you’re feeling tired. 


In your pyjama, sitting with a nice read and want a cup of tea but worried about drinking tea at night? If timed correctly, this particular dose of tea not only helps you sleep better with a calm nervous system but also repairs and replenishes the body.

The following teas help with sound sleep:

Blue Pea Ginger: Blue Pea, Ginger, Fennel, Bay Leaf and Nilgiri Green Tea de-stresses the body and helps in sound sleep.

Cranberry: helps with better sleep at night, due to its extremely high amount of melatonin.

Lucid Charm: Cinnamon, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Ginger, Galangal, Curcuma, Sage tea, Rosehip and Hibiscus bring in great taste, relaxation and no spike in blood sugar.

Jasmine: Natural relaxant, Jasmine is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system, improving restlessness, irritability, and insomnia. 

Here you go, folks! All the good things you can have if you pick up the habit of having tea. You can go beyond this and experiment to make your own tea time guide with whatever works best for you! The idea is just to have fun with a variety of tea and explore the world of concoctions. After you finish reading this, brew yourself a cup of tea, how about that?

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