Heard it has become the talk of the town and that too has no booze in it! Wondering what? Well, we are talking about MOCKTAILS. Having fun doesn’t always have to mean drinking alcohol as a party mix and getting hungover at weekend evening parties.

It doesn’t matter whether you are skipping the alcohol purposefully or are just looking for an alternative to avoid feeling left out in evening get together with your group of alcohol lovers. Mocktails are a good alcohol free option for those who don’t want to sip on aerated drinks/sodas or something out of the juice box. They are the perfect non-alcoholic set of mixtures that bring out a sophisticated flavor and can turn your everyday drink into a refreshing elixir.

Now, mocktails have been a part of the culture for long, but now instead of aerated drinks or soda, tea has become the go-to mixture with flavours. YES, you heard it right! Tea and especially Herbal Tea has lately been witnessing a resurgence in its use as an ACTIVE ingredient in cocktails and mocktails.

Herbal Tea now is being used in mocktails and cocktails in impressive ways including:
– Tea-infused syrups: usually added to mocktail and cocktail recipes
– Teabags: these are allowed to steep at room temperature followed by refrigeration and consumption within a few hours to explore the different flavor profiles.
– Concentrates
– Freshly brewed tea: incorporated as an integral ingredient to enhance the taste
– Cold brews
– Tea ice cubes with petals and herbs
– Tea garnishes with leaves

You must be wondering why not use aerated drinks and soda that are easily available in the market? Because HEALTH is WEALTH! You wouldn’t want to hit the bar, dodge alcohol but still put on weight around those hips with the extra sugar these drinks have. If you are up for healthy drinks, why not do this in the best way with tea?

Still, wondering why? Well, let us take you on a journey. Imagine this:

You feel the dried leaves and flowers being poured into the pot or in a brewing container, to the bustling of boiling water, unfurling flavours, to the beauty of beautiful colours that look like an absolute dream when the mixture steeps. Now, comes the absolutely intoxicating aroma of the tea which then you will use to make your desired mocktail. Take a sip. Scrumptious is the word you are looking for after taking the first sip. Now, you haven’t actually taken a sip but you know how heavenly it is going to taste.

Also, we firmly believe that, unlike water base, these classic vegan mocktails can do better with a tea base. It will help add an extra flavourful dimension to a, otherwise boring mocktail. Tea experts and tea-spirit mixologists, the best way to succeed in these tea-based mocktails are knowing your teas. It’s all about how intense you want your non-alcoholic concoctions and how skillfully you choose the best tea and flavours that actually complement each other to form the perfect mocktail.

Let’s talk more about the taste, shall we? Other than tea, no other ingredient has the ability to infuse a certain variety, nuance, absorption rate, flavor palate, and depth. With tea, the possibilities become endless as the flavor profile is unique and vast. Each tea type has something in particular that stands out and is apt to bring out fragrant notes in any recipe. It is absolutely captivating and can introduce the consumer palates to something new and interesting brew by brew.

When it comes to season, nothing can beat tea. It’s there all day, every day, for the whole year! A very big reason why tea mocktails, have now become an ongoing year-round trend. Looking to have some fun in the sun in the summers or in evening get together? Fruity teas pave their way into sangrias, seltzers, unspiked iced teas, punches, mojitos, and other numerous mocktail quenchers.

What about fall you ask? Ciders and fall flavor sensations give you that perfect tea-infused powerful edge.

Oh the winters are cold, how do we beat that? Unspiked chai-infused concoctions and more brewed servings in the hot beverage way reign.

There is a mocktail in every way and for every season you can imagine. Also, in so many profiles and notes you cannot fathom! These are also very filling and hence can give leisure and suppress appetite for a while.

The tea base is a great way to inject fresh flavors into all your parties, get-togethers, and nights out. Tea unlike most mocktail mixers and syrups has 0 calories, no sugar, and hence it is the perfect healthy alternative.

Sip on the tea-based mocktail and we promise you wouldn’t miss the alcoholic version or aerated drink/soda version of the same. These marvels are foolproof in taste and are so presentable that the onlooker won’t be able to resist. Once you sip on these, we promise there will be no turning back! The experiment will be your way and you will be on a total tasty ‘high’way!

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