Monsoon TIME = TEA TIME!

Monsoon TIME = TEA TIME!

Aren’t you ecstatic? The long-awaited monsoon has arrived to wash away your sorrows. Monsoon is more than a season; it’s a festival that heralds the arrival of clear skies, cool breezes, and delight-ful showers, isn’t it? It spreads joy and relief with each refreshing drop, drenching the parched soil and souls.

With the much-loved showers, a slew of viruses emerge. The sultry winds and pleasant splashes of the monsoon are also notorious for wreaking havoc on our immune system. As a result, most of us become ill during the season. Monsoon can bring a slew of infectious diseases such as colds, flu, viral infections, and a variety of severe skin conditions. Don’t worry? We have your back!

There is no better way to deal with monsoons than with India’s favourite pastime: TEA TIME. Apart from providing a cosy feeling during the monsoon season, a warm cup of tea can also help stabilise your body temperature and prevent the onset of monsoon-related allergies and colds.

Here’s a list of herbal teas to keep you healthy this monsoon season. These herbal beverages, made from ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen, will help you boost your immuni-ty.


This sweet-tasting flower, one of nature’s many gifts, can help you de-stress and manage the ‘Sea-sonal Affective Disorder’ that hovers over your head like gloomy clouds. When you are stressed, the relaxing properties of chamomile can be beneficial. Did you know Chamomile was used by the ancient Egyptians to treat a variety of ailments? It has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial proper-ties, which are especially useful during the rainy season. It also relieves constipation, and fatigue and is an excellent insomnia treatment.
Good news! We have Chamomile Tea for you to savour in our lot.

Green Tea Leaves:

Who doesn’t know this miraculous ingredient which is well-known worldwide? Green tea is ex-tremely beneficial to your health. This antioxidant-rich tea can help strengthen your immune sys-tem. Boosting your immunity during the monsoon season can aid in the prevention of infectious disease attacks. This ingredient can also help you with bad hair, and skin and reduce dandruff. It also helps the body eliminate toxins. If you don’t like the flavour of green tea, add some sugar or honey to make it taste better. Suit yourself!

Our range of teas that contain this superfood are: Lemon Orange Green Tea, Gunpowder Green Tea and Pan Fired Green Tea


Ginger is one of the best ingredients for monsoon season. When ginger is added to tea, it works like a charm. It is useful in the treatment of common colds, clearing the throat, and allergies. In addition, stomach issues like constipation are common during the monsoon, and ginger tea can help combat this by improving blood circulation and ensuring proper food absorption and digestion.

Want to know which of our teas have this miracle ingredient? Blue Pea Ginger Tea, Ochre Crown Tea, Black Currant Hibiscus Tea and Marigold Clove Green Tea

Tulsi (Basil Leaves):

During the monsoon season, the ‘Queen of Herbs,’ Tulsi, can work to improve your heart health and promote detoxification in your body. Basil leaves have a long history of medicinal use and can be found in almost every Indian household. They can be used to make tea to treat headaches, colds, coughs, diabetes, stress, anxiety, and depression. Aside from that, it benefits immunity, di-gestion, and skin, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties and aiding in body detoxification.

Want to relish tulsi with a twist? We have you covered! Try our Tulsi Turmeric Tea.


Needless to say, peppermint is well-known for its natural cooling properties and refreshing flavour. Drinking peppermint tea relaxes and calms your mind, which in turn relaxes your body. It improves digestion and aids in the treatment of bad breath. It is a good choice during the monsoon season because this season brings a slew of digestive issues.

Where do you find this ingredient to enjoy and gain the benefit of? With us! Try our Mango Musli Peppermint Tea and Moroccan Mint Tea.

Herbal teas are inherently healthier than regular tea, owing to the presence of herbs and spices, making it a healthy blend to combat the monsoon blues. Each cup of these teas will nourish, revital-ise, and help you become stronger and healthier. These are the teas that will help you enjoy the monsoon season while also protecting you from the season’s diseases.

The monsoon season brings with it lots of new diseases, infections, and allergies. It is essential to take care of health. Stay inside, drink hot beverages, and keep your surroundings clean. Why should dealing with monsoon allergies be difficult when you can make a hot cup of herbal tea?

Have a fantastic monsoon! Enjoy

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