The artistry of tea pairing

The artistry of tea pairing

Tea pairing: the art of unlocking new flavors of food by pairing it with tea.

Pssst… A little something before you go on to read this blog. This particular piece might make you feel hungry. Really hungry! Ready?

Food and wine pairings are a concept everyone is familiar with, isn’t it? But have you heard of food and tea pairings? Gaining popularity among tea lovers, this comfort drink just like wine is particularly suitable for certain dishes.

Tea, as we all know, has a varied and interesting taste profile with different taste notes it’s available in. Now you must have a question in your mind: Why is pairing a type of tea with the right thing to eat is important? The answer to that question lies with us. Read on.

The art of tea pairing, very much like wine pairing, is a sensorial experience that lets one venture into the dynamics between the aromas and flavors in different teas and food. The perfect tea balances and even accentuate the flavors in the food.

Mastering the art of pairing tea with food is as important as knowing which seasoning would work well with which dish. Remember there is no right and wrong in this culinary experience, it’s all about what you like and these are just some tested suggestions. A unique culinary experience awaits you at the table with the right food and you don’t have to be a connoisseur to understand this. The tongue tells you, quite literally!

If you have just entered the world of fascinating teas, fret not, we are here to guide you with our curated list of tea and food pairings. So, now if you wish to impress friend and family in your next hangout session or are just looking for change in the mundane tea drinking routine, you are reading the right piece!

You might notice that everything we present to you in our list is Vegetarian. While it is up to you whether or not you want to include non-vegetarian food items in your diet but vegetarian diet in today’s scenario is a stride towards healthier living.

The pairing list is categorized into two categories; BY FOOD and BY TEA


By Food

  • Dark Chocolate with Indian Black Tea
  • Fresh cheese with Green tea, Jasmine Pearls tea, Flower Scented tea
  • Fruits with Green tea, Oolong, Indian Black tea
  • Salted food with Green tea, Oolong and Black tea
  • Milk Chocolates with Masala Chai, Lemon tea, Black tea
  • Nuts with Yellow tea, White tea and Peppermint
  • Pasta with Indian Black tea, Sri Lanka blacks, Green tea
  • Pastries with Indian Black tea, Yellow tea
  • Spicy food with Jasmine Greens tea, Oolong and Herbal Infusions tea
  • White chocolate with Oolong, White Tea and Green Tea
  • Blue cheese with Jasmine Green, White tea and Black Tea BY TEA


By Tea

  • Assam tea with Continental Breakfast, Chocolate, Mushrooms and Mexican food
  • Black tea with English Breakfast, Spicy food, Salted Food, Honey Essence Sweets and Fruits
  • White tea with Mild Cheeses and Desserts.
  • Chai with Custard, Ice cream, Baked food, Rice, Oats and Bread
  • Green tea with Salads, Fruits and White Chocolate.
  • Herbal tea with Mild dishes like Soups, Stews, Chocolate and Desserts
  • Earl Grey tea with Baked goods, Chocolate and Dairy products
  • Jasmine tea with Spicy food, Vegetables and Carrot Cake
  • Nilgiri tea with Vanilla, Mushrooms, Chocolate, Raw Vegetables
  • Sencha tea with Rice, vegetables and fresh delicate cheese

Signing off for now with a wish that with this you get inspired to experiment further with the art of tea pairing and find yourself on a journey of discovery, giving in to the world of colours, fragrances and nuances of food and tea.

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