The cup of life

The cup of life

Tea(n): The Finest Aromatic Solution for your Senses!


How do you like your Tea?


With sugar / No sugar, a hint of Lemon and Ginger, Or extra milk?


Well, the point here is, there are many ways to enjoy your Tea!


TEA isn’t just a beverage, it’s an emotion that runs high in individuals and families all over the globe. For some, it’s a subtle mode of relaxation, spirituality or just age-old tradition. It scales boundaries of countries, states & provinces when determining it’s the love of taste and has become a brand in itself. At any given point in time, millions of people around the globe relish an array of delightful tastes of tea. Exactly why tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet!


TEA contains antioxidants and biotin that boost and strengthen the immune system. Its variety in the endless versatility of flavours including but not limited to Green, Black, Infused or plain old Masala Chai is what makes it so appealing. Apt Ingredients and Right Proportions gives you a perfect blend of taste and health.


For Indians, ‘Chai’, has an unbeatable presence, no matter which country or timezone they’re in. It’s so ingrained in their social lives that conversations over tea are always brewing with guests or just a group of friends spending a jovial evening together.


Being an avid traveller, visiting different countries and observing their cultures kind of become your first language. One realizes that each sip of a tailor-made tea brings forth a different nuance of meaning to the person holding the cup. This simple yet incredible concoction evokes a sense of identity and tends to connect people to their heritage and eventually becomes a lasting source of habitual comfort.


Heard of the quote, “A cup of TEA shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent!”. It’s the same reason why contemporary tea cafes and boutiques have popped up all over India where tea becomes a fostering factor connecting friendships for millennia.


In today’s world, where we’re all busy with the race of life, we can all benefit from getting close, together over a cup of tea, don’t you think?


So, how about celebrating this mug-nificent liquid which is helping build a global Communi-Tea!

Get it? Eh, never mind! How about some TEA?

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