The World Of Tisanes

The World Of Tisanes

Nature mesmerizes in mysterious ways: be it the rainbow, the skies in the morning, the sand slipping beneath the feet on a beach or the sweet smell before rain. All this is exactly the feel of tisanes. Theres no better way to explain the finest of nature than the welcoming warmth of these infusions.

It all dates back to the era of Mahrishi Waghbhat. He said – अपने शरीर को जान लीजिए और भोजन को पहचान लीजिए, which means to “know your body and recognise your food”. Just knowing what your intake is enough to take care of almost all ailments.

There is nothing a good cup of chai can’t fix! Ever thought of swapping regular tea with aromatic brews made of spices and herbs? It can go a long way in boosting immunity and keeping you away from all sorts of ailments. Great health is what allows a human being to be the happiest, isn’t it? Health is Wealth is not just a phrase, it is the truth of today, especially because of the pandemic. 

The herbal teas we are talking about aren’t your regular cups made from tea leaves, these are essentially tisanes. Each Tisane ensures good health, well-being, and enhanced sense. Tisane is an infusion of herbs, spices, fruits and flowers which is usually caffeine and nicotine-free. But god, are they addictive? A 100% harmlessly YES! 

Did you know? Back in the day, tisanes were used as health elixirs, sacred, and celebratory drinks. Drinking a tasteful tisane is like drinking wine: a burst of flavors, aroma, and distinct taste.

Made with fresh ingredients from nature, these brews are a treasure trove of health benefits.

The health benefits of Tisanes can range from:

  • de-stressing the mind and body
  • increasing energy, and
  • promoting overall wellness

To being specific as:

  • aiding with digestive ailments
  • treating allergies
  • eliminating sleep problems
  • reducing fevers, or
  • balancing hormonal disorders

Here are some benefits of the herbal tisanes: Say NO to Caffeine

Regular tea consists of varying amounts of caffeine: less than coffee but still enough for people who are caffeine-sensitive. Tisanes are popular alternatives which are caffeine-free and help in an equal amount of relaxation. It has medicinal value and these can be served hot or cold. Isn’t it beautiful? Many tisanes are directed towards specific ailments. Many flavors are made to resolve and aid in promoting bowel movements, relieving PMS symptoms, reducing or preventing digestive discomfort, and reducing fevers. Always see what and how strong the symptoms are. Don’t try to self-treat serious illnesses.

Flavorful Varieties 

Tisanes offer a wide variety to all regular tea drinker. Tisanes of all varieties are made for different types of drinkers and profiles. Tisanes have a lot to offer to every type of palette. Herbal flavors range from light to deep bitter to earthy. A word of caution though, just doesn’t pick up any plant from your garden and put it in hot water. Only consider tisanes by experts and blend-making companies who have great knowledge of the subject. 

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