Unique: Not Only Women But Their Diseases!

Unique: Not Only Women But Their Diseases!

The encapsulation of puissance, love, sacrifice, and prowess. The 21st century has seen women’s empowerment in a new light that is full of hope and success. Ladies today are breaking all sorts of barriers and creating new exemplary models of leadership. They enjoy equal status to some extent because they’ve successfully navigated through the obstacles, all on their own, and have emerged as fighters in their own right. Their role in society has changed substantially and has created a positive impact on society.

From being only housewives to now even CEOs, modernization has seen an acceleration in this marvelous transition. Having said that, being a woman is hard and it has always been a walk on a tightrope. One has to juggle between work and the house. However, in this circle of life and maneuvering multiple roles, they overlook their verdure.

Right from the induction of menses into womanhood, then into parturition years, and then the shift to menopause, a woman’s body is subject to multiple changes. It is designed by Mother Nature to protean.

Womanhood downright has a different definition to everyone albeit one thing remains constant and universal. Be it as daughters, mothers, wives, friends, or coworkers, their default mantra is “ to give, give and keep giving selflessly.” Often this default can be draining. While you think that playing manifold roles are the only metamorphoses that are especial to women. You are mistaken! They have to face the brunt of exclusive health concerns.

Now, when illnesses related to women are broached, Breast cancer must be on top of your list, isn’t it? But, her health has more concerns than just that.
P.s: Did you know? 68% of females are subjected to distress from lifestyle diseases. 53% are recorded to skip their meals and opt for junk food in light of their work and tight deadlines.
Let’s delve deeper and enlighten ourselves for the ones we love and ourselves:

1. Take care of the heart
When elders told to be careful with the heart, they sure didn’t mean heart diseases women. But according to a study, 3 out of 5 women are prone to cardiovascular disease as early as the age of 35. Blindsiding isn’t it?

2. Proud of the curves? Keep them in check!
Due to changing lifestyle behavior and indolent ways, a study recorded that as many as 80% of the working-class female population is overweight or obese. Obesity doesn’t come alone; depression, insomnia, and low self-esteem tag along. This also usually brings along an irregular menstrual cycle, the risk of other chronic diseases, and reduces life expectancy.

3. Bone-fied?
1 out of 3 women experiences Osteoporosis in their life. It is a silent disease that doesn’t start to develop problems in the nascent stage. It depends on how early women start taking care of their bones. Their bone mass reaches its peak by the age of 30. It depends on how they must have taken care of their bones in their teenage and childhood days. The amount of exercise, calcium, and vitamins subjected to their bones become pivotal.

4. Lumps that become life bumps
Today, the occurrence of breast cancer has seen a rise in the younger ladies at an alarming rate. It is mainly because of an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. It can also be prevalent because of genes and hence regular checkups become necessary.

5. Strong spine? Think again!
Exacerbated by long and tiring working hours with inappropriate or lack of back support, it has now become rampant. Abdominal weight gain is also a factor that affects the back. Causes of this include lack of sunlight which later leads to Vitamin D deficiency and further mounts the person with fatigue, bone pains, and reciprocal risk factors.

6. Issues in conceiving:
An increasing trend in the rise of infertility can be seen in women today. Be it imbalanced hormones, delay in conceiving, exasperation, obesity, diabetes, or PCOS, lifestyle diseases have caused major ramifications with pregnancies. The patients are always at a high risk of pre-term labor, miscarriages, and diabetes in pregnancy. These are the prime pretexts for the increase in morbidity and mortality.

There’s no need to be fearsome. Healthy lifestyle choices including a balanced diet, exercise and self-care are ways to reinforce their health, vitality, and overall well-being. After all, a healthy woman means a healthy family.

Beyond this, a simple and favorite beverage can help stay healthy; a soothing cup of TEA. With us and our exclusive range of teas, ladies can make health their priority. Here are a few teas you can consume for certain prevailing ailments:

• Marigold Clove Green Tea: helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and enriched antimicrobial anti-aging agents.
• Ori Bloom Tea: antioxidants present in this help eliminate free radicals scavenging cells that might be causing damage to skin and hair.
• Cranberry Nutmeg Rosemary Tea: raises the health quotient a notch and keeps UTIs at bay!

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be HEALTHY!

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