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Nature Rush

Nature Rush

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"Healthy Self, Heal Thyself." The human body is an incredible place to live. It does not require much fuel until it is exhausted to its core. It is designed to mend itself when injured if the necessary circumstances are met. In today's world, we frequently exhaust our bodies, both physically and mentally, and frequently reach rock bottom. The first thing your body will thank you for is freeing your mind, because a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. This trio of uplifting potions made with natural superfoods such as okra flower, melissa leaf, lemon and orange peel, and others, soothes your spirit in the most gentle way. It's no surprise that these packages are designed to help you express your love to friends and family on any occasion!

This box contains:

Awed Red, Ochre Crown, and Merry Mix tea.

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1500+ Reviews

1500+ Reviews

"Drink your flower in the form of tea from Seven Spring to gain its medicinal properties."

"These new-age herbal teas are excellent for gifting as they are age friendly and offer great benefits."

"Seven Spring Teas are believed to have a healing impact considering how they are deeply interwoven in the cultural milieu."

"Seven Spring introduces an array of rare and unique tea range"


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add milk to all the teas?

No, we recommend you read the "Memo" section to know which tea goes well with what. Like water, milk, and condiments.

What is the shelf-life of all the teas by Seven Spring?

All our Teas have a shelf-life of 1 year from the date of packaging.

How should we store the loose leaf teas and Tea bags?

Both the teas should be stored in an air tight container in a cool dry place after opening the package to avoid infestation or oxidation of these preservative free products.

Are these teas organic and chemical free?

Yes, 100%! We don't use any chemicals, colorants, or preservatives as all the teas are naturally preserved by our processing techniques and all the ingredients have their own natural pigments.

Can we Re-use or Re-steep these teas?

Completely! The tea bags can be re-steeped 2-3 times and loose leaf teas can also be re-used upto 2 times.


100% Guarantee

Free Replacement if you are not satisfied

Whole leaf, Highest Tea grade

Pure Indian single estate tea experience

At your doorstep in 2-4 days

Ships in 24 hours. Delivers wordlwide

From the foothills of himalyas

No middlemen. No auction houses. No exporters.